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Healthcare today generally hasn’t been organized around the best member experience. It’s often complex, confusing, and clumsy. It’s hard to manage and overwhelming to understand. On top of that, it’s enormously – and sometimes prohibitively – expensive.

We know that there’s a better way: like-minded people who care about their health join a community to share in medical needs without a profit motive.

The ClearShare difference

We offer medical cost sharing with our members for a broad range of health needs. ClearShare has three primary goals:


Members get the lowest monthly fixed amount and lowest out-of-pocket costs when using their membership.


Allowing members the broadest access of providers – ensuring that you get the care you need, when you need it.


Your healthcare shouldn’t be confusing. We provide members with a simple, fair, and easy-to-understand experience.

The benefits of ClearShare.

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Average annual family savings
> 50 %
Doctors and specialists in-network
100 +
5-star Google reviews

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