ClearShare need request

Submit a medical need request.

Because ClearShare is not insurance, when you incur medical expenses, our sharing process is different from submitting a claim with traditional insurance. Use this form to submit your Need or to submit additional documentation for Needs you’ve already opened.

Review the Member Guidelines

The ClearShare Member Guidelines explain the types of medical expenses that are able to be shared with the ClearShare community and the types of medical expenses that aren’t. Reviewing the Member Guidelines is the easiest way to determine whether your medical need request will be eligible for sharing or if it is your responsibility as a member.

Use Care Coordination

In non-emergency situations, we recommend you contact us at least 21 days before receiving a medical service. Our Care Coordination team can help you find lower cost, high quality providers for your major medical needs. Using providers we recommend may waive your Annual Maximum payment requirement for your medical service. Our Care Coordination team can also help your provider understand how your membership works to make sure you are charged the appropriate amount.

Submit Your Need Request

Use the form below to submit your medical Need Request. Medical need requests must be submitted within six months of the date of service, but the sooner you submit a need request, the easier it is for ClearShare to process your medical request and share in your medical costs.

To determine sharing eligibility, ClearShare needs you to provide specific information as part of your medical need request. Please be sure to fill out the need request form completely and attach all relevant documents—including itemized bills and medical records.

Submit a Need