ClearShare member guidelines.

Learn more about how ClearShare works and what’s included in a membership.


Historically, healthcare hasn’t been centered around the best possible member experience. It’s often complex, confusing, and clumsy. It’s hard to manage and overwhelming to try to understand. On top of that, it’s enormously – and sometimes prohibitively – expensive.

We believe that millions of families are spending too much money on healthcare when they could be investing in other things that are important to them: their children, their home, their retirement, and their future. We know that there’s a better way – like-minded people who care about their health joining a community to share in medical needs without a profit motive.

The concept of healthcare cost sharing dates back to the 1700s, when small religious communities would pool their money to help bear the burdens of other individuals’ medical costs during hard times. Eventually, healthshares grew to serve larger communities while following similar principles. Modern healthshares have been successfully meeting members’ healthcare needs for the last 30 years, and today more than two million people participate in a healthshare.

In April 2022, ClearShare was formed as a not-for-profit organization* devoted to the success of individuals’ health. ClearShare does not discriminate based on background, nationality, ethnicity, or denomination. We offer medical cost sharing with our Members for a broad range of health needs. ClearShare has three primary goals:

  1. Offering Members the lowest fixed amount each month, and lowest out-of-pocket costs when using the membership.
  2. Allowing Members the broadest access to providers.
  3. Giving Members a simple, fair, and easy-to-understand experience.

We’re not looking for ways to trick our Members or not share in their medical needs. We measure our success as the number of people that we help, and the degree to which we help them.

We also believe in paying providers for our Members’ eligible needs quickly, in order to foster a good reputation among providers and ease the administrative burden on our Members. We care about our Members’ health just as much as you do and our mission is to bring like-minded individuals together to lower healthcare costs for all.

*ClearShare was formed and approved as a non-profit in the state of Missouri. Our 1023 non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exemption application is pending approval by the Internal Revenue Service.

About ClearShare

ClearShare is founded to support individuals who share a similar faith in a higher power’s love for people and care for the quality of healthcare provided to families and individuals. Individuals pay their monthly contribution and medical needs are shared as they arise. ClearShare will utilize several cost-containment strategies to help Members have the lowest possible required contributions and the Member pays the least out of their wallet.

ClearShare membership is open to individuals from all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, and faiths. We welcome all members who agree to our Statement of Beliefs.

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Statement of Beliefs

A. I believe in a higher being or power.

B. I understand that ClearShare is a membership-based, non-insurance community of individuals established for the purpose of sharing eligible healthcare expenses between Members, as described in the Membership Guidelines.

C. I believe in personal responsibility to pursue a healthy lifestyle and not abuse my body by taking illegal recreational drugs, excessive alcohol use, driving while intoxicated, or otherwise abusing my body or that of my family with harmful acts. I believe it is wrong to abuse others and that any mental, emotional, verbal or physical abuse of a family member is morally wrong.

D. I believe that ClearShare is a benevolent organization dedicated to helping lower the cost of healthcare and that it is not an insurance company therefore it cannot legally guarantee payment of medical expenses.

E. I acknowledge that ClearShare considers itself accountable to a higher power to ensure all members from all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, and faiths are treated fairly and with the highest ethical conduct.

If you share these beliefs, we welcome you to join our membership community.

Membership eligibility

Membership eligibility in ClearShare is primarily based on two factors:

  1. Adherence to the ClearShare Statement of Beliefs.
  2. Participation in the community by submitting monthly contributions.

After committing to these primary obligations, prospective Members are eligible to enroll in the ClearShare community. Membership may begin on a date elected by the prospective Member or specified by ClearShare. The prospective member’s monthly contribution must be received within 15 days of the agreed upon start date. The first monthly contribution must be received before the membership is considered active.

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1. ClearShare Statements of Beliefs

Members of ClearShare commit to abide by a set of personal standards as outlined in the ClearShare Statement of Beliefs. If a violation of the Statement of Beliefs is discovered through review of a member’s submitted medical records, all cost sharing for the needs of that member will be put on hold. This hold will begin on the date in which the violation was discovered or recorded in the member’s medical records. A notification of the hold and an explanation of the discovery will be issued to the member.

The member will be granted 30 days to submit documentation supporting compliance with the Statement of Beliefs. If the submitted documentation does not satisfactorily demonstrate compliance with the Statement of Beliefs, the member will automatically be withdrawn from the sharing program and membership will be revoked. If membership is revoked due to a violation of the Statement of Beliefs, ClearShare will not return the offending member’s contributions received prior to the date of withdrawal.

2. Participation by monthly contributions

To participate in the member-to-member medical cost sharing community, members must submit the monthly contribution amount associated with their level of membership.

Members have multiple options for submitting their monthly contributions. Individual members can make contributions directly to ClearShare. For members who enroll in ClearShare through their workplace, payments can be made through their employer.

All member contributions are voluntary, but the monthly contribution is required to be active and eligible for sharing. Monthly contributions must be received by the last day of the month after the billing date. If a monthly contribution is not received by the last day of the billing month, the membership will become inactive, and the member will be withdrawn from the medical cost sharing community. 

Any member that has been withdrawn may reapply, provided they meet all enrollment and eligibility requirements. Once the member reapplies and membership is reinstated by ClearShare, the member will become eligible to participate in cost sharing. All member needs occurring after the membership is inactivated and before reinstatement will be ineligible for cost sharing, and any medical conditions existing before the date of reinstatement will be considered pre-membership medical conditions. Any member whose membership has been inactivated three times will not be eligible to reapply.

3. Qualification

To be qualified for membership, an applicant must meet all criteria set forth in the membership guidelines and the membership enrollment form. If at any time it is discovered that a member did not submit a complete membership enrollment form, the incomplete form could result in either a retroactive membership limitation or a retroactive denial of membership. While member health status has no effect on eligibility for membership, there are limitations on medical cost sharing for some conditions that existed prior to a member’s effective date.

Primary members must be at least 18 years old to enroll in their own plan, and all members must be under 65 years old.

Enrollment requirements

ClearShare offers different enrollment types for individuals and families. Monthly contributions are based on the enrollment type, annual maximum, and member age. This section outlines the different household memberships and who is eligible for enrollment therein.

Member responsibilities

All members of ClearShare share certain responsibilities to remain a part of the sharing program. Because the actions of one member can affect the entire community, each member will be held accountable for following these standards.

How needs are shared

This section explains how the shareable amount of a member’s medical expenses will be determined.

Medical needs are submitted on a per member, per need basis. Medical needs may be injuries or illnesses that result in medical expenses. These medical expenses may be incurred by receiving medically necessary treatment from licensed medical professionals and facilities, such as physicians, emergency rooms, and hospital facilities. When a member has a medical expense to be shared, the member must submit original, itemized bills for the medical expense within six months of treatment. Bills submitted more than six months after the service date of treatment will not be shareable. There is no lifetime limit on the number of conditions or the total dollar amount that may be shared.

Submission of medical needs

ClearShare strives to share in its members’ medical needs in a timely, accurate manner. To do this, it is crucial for members to submit medical needs correctly and include all required documentation.

Pre-membership medical conditions

To keep membership contributions low for all members, ClearShare implements a waiting period for sharing of medical conditions that exist prior to the effective date of a ClearShare membership. This section defines medical conditions prior to membership and outlines the sharing limitations.

Specific sharing qualifications

Member needs not associated with a pre-membership medical condition are generally shareable. The following list reflects limitations on sharing for certain conditions or requirements for certain expenses to become eligible. All shareable expenses are subject to the member Annual Maximum.

Medical expenses ineligible for sharing

The ClearShare community chooses not to share in some medical expenses. Decisions for sharing eligibility are made to benefit the community as a whole, to keep monthly contributions low for our members, and to share in medical expenses based on our Statement of Beliefs. The following expenses are excluded from sharing with the ClearShare community.

Maternity needs

As a general rule, maternity needs are shareable and are treated like any other medical need. Learn more in the ClearShare Maternity Guidelines.

End of life assistance

If any member dies after one year of uninterrupted membership, financial assistance will be provided to the surviving family. The ClearShare member community will provide assistance upon receipt of a copy of the death certificate. Financial assistance will be provided to the surviving family as follow:

  • $10,000 upon the death of a primary member
  • $10,000 upon the death of a dependent spouse
  • $2,500 upon the death of a dependent child
ClearShare Clearshare Glossary

Amending Guidelines

ClearShare reviews and may amend the Member Guidelines twice per year. ​​Amendments to the Guidelines take effect immediately and members will be notified of Member Guidelines updates. ClearShare reserves the right to update and change its Guidelines at any time.

Appendix A: defined terms

Additional giving – Voluntary contributions by members for the purpose of offsetting expenses for other members’ unsharable needs.

Annual limit – The maximum amount shared for eligible needs per participating member per year. ClearShare does not have annual or lifetime sharing limits for our members unless specifically stated in the Member Guidelines.

Annual Maximum – The specific financial amount that members are required to bear on their own prior to any amount that may be eligible for sharing.

Application date – The date ClearShare receives a complete membership application.

Benevolent Fund – A fund maintained by ClearShare created from the contributions of members for the exclusive purpose of reimbursing eligible needs of members.

Benevolent organization – An organization whose primary purpose is to care for the needs of the persons/members who make up the membership. A benevolent organization is not an insurance company.

Congenital condition – Any disease or physical abnormality present at birth or that is identified or diagnosed within the first year of life.

Contribution list – A list of members who are being billed by payroll deduction through a company opposed to direct billing from ClearShare.

Date of service – The day medical services were rendered on behalf of a participating member.

Dependent – The head of household’s spouse or unmarried child(ren) under the age of 26, who are the head of household’s dependent by birth, legal adoption, or marriage, and who are participating under the same combined membership. Unmarried children under 26 years of age may participate in the membership as a dependent.

Effective date – The date a person’s membership begins. ClearShare members also have the effective date as the billing due date.

Eligible need – A medical need that qualifies for sharing via the contributions of ClearShare members.

Head of household – The oldest participating member in the household.

Household membership – One or more family members participating under the same membership.

Healthcare sharing – A membership-based, non-insurance arrangement established for the purpose of sharing legitimate healthcare expenses between members.

Inactive member – A contributor, and contributor’s dependents, if applicable, who has/have not submitted monthly contributions in the manner established by the Member Guidelines. An inactive member is not eligible for sharing.

Ineligible Need – A need disqualified from voluntary sharing of contributions from member contributions due to a policy set forth in the Member Guidelines.

Licensed medical professional – An individual who has successfully completed a prescribed program of study in a variety of health fields and who has obtained a license or certificate indicating his or her competence to practice in that field (MD, DO, ND, NP, PT, PA, Chiropractor, etc.)

Lifetime limit – The maximum amount shared for eligible needs over the course of an individual members’ lifetime of membership.

Maternity need – A need request that must be submitted once a member becomes pregnant within 30 days of confirmation of pregnancy from a licensed medical professional.

Maximum shareable amount – The maximum dollar amount (limit) that can be shared for any one need. Certain medical needs have a maximum shareable amount as described in the Guidelines.

Medically necessary – A service, procedure, or medication necessary to rest or to maintain physical function and that is provided in the most cost-effective setting consistent with the member’s condition. The fact that a provider may prescribe, administer, or recommend services or care does not make it medically necessary. This applies even if it is not listed as a membership limitation, or in the Member Guidelines. To help determine medical necessity, ClearShare may request medical records and information from licensed medical professionals.

Member(s) – A person or people (or dependent thereof) who has agreed in writing to abide by the requirements of ClearShare and is thereby eligible to participate in the sharing of medical needs with other members in accordance with the Member Guidelines and membership type.

Membership – This term applies to the collective body of all active, participating members of ClearShare.

Membership cancellation request – A request by a member to ClearShare that their membership be canceled. The request must include the reason for cancellation, and the requested month in which the cancellation of the membership is to be effective. ClearShare requires 30-day notice prior to your payment draft date. ClearShare does not prorate cancellations or give refunds. Cancellations become effective on the last day of your monthly billing anniversary following the timely receipt of your membership cancellation request.

Members have 30 days from the membership cancellation date to reactivate membership in order to qualify for continuous membership. For example, employers who terminate employee memberships.

Membership commitment – The required principles and ongoing behavioral code attested to by members as required for membership.

Membership responsibility amounts – Amounts needed to be paid by the member for medical costs that are not shareable with the ClearShare community.

Membership update – A communication from the member to ClearShare providing any changes to the details of their membership information (ie: change of address, phone number, etc.). The change request or update may take up to three business days to complete. Once a representative of ClearShare approves the requested changes, the approved changes may go into effect on the monthly membership anniversary.

Membership limitation – A specified medical condition for which medical needs arising from or associated with the condition are ineligible for reimbursement from the Benevolent Fund. An associated condition is one that is caused directly and primarily by the medical condition that is specifically ineligible. The membership limitation will be issued during the application process and may be subject to medical record review.

Member plan – A variety of sharing options are available with different annual maximums and sharing limits, as selected in writing on the membership application or enrollment portal and approved by ClearShare.

Membership withdrawal – When a membership has been or will be canceled due to the submission of a Membership Cancellation Request Form, a violation of the ClearShare’s Statement of Beliefs, or non-receipt of a voluntary monthly contribution or annual membership fee for more than 10 days past the date such payment was due. Such cancellation of membership is referred to as membership withdrawal.

Monthly contributions – Monetary contribution given voluntarily and placed in the care of ClearShare by a member to maintain active membership and to be disbursed for the eligible needs of its members in accordance with the Member Guidelines.

Need request – A request that is required to process medical needs for accidents, injuries, or medical conditions that result in medical costs. Need requests can be submitted to ClearShare: The need request must be submitted to ClearShare within six (6) months of the need to be eligible for sharing.

Non-affiliated provider – A non-network, licensed medical professional or facility as determined by ClearShare.

Office visit – Sick visits, wellness visits, specialists, and urgent care are generally considered to be office visits. The medical bill must include an office visit CPT code for the need to qualify as an office visit. 

Plan administration – A collaborative process of planning, evaluating, facilitating, coordinating, and advocating for options and services to meet a participating Member’s Eligible Needs through available resources to promote quality, cost-effective results.

Pre-membership medical condition – Any illness or accident for which a person has been examined, taken medication, has a diagnostic test performed or ordered by a physician, or received medical treatment for 12 months prior to the effective date. For information on sharing for pre-membership conditions, see the section titled “Pre-Membership Medical Conditions.”

Proration – If shareable needs are ever significantly greater than shares available in any given month, ClearShare may prorate the needs amount requested for medical expenses. This involves an across-the-board percentage reduction of needs payments but does not necessarily mean that all member needs will not be met in that month.

Shareable amount – The amount of the need request that remains after the member’s annual maximum has been satisfied and falls within the guidelines for sharing within the membership.

Explanation of sharing (EOS) – Correspondence that is delivered to the participating members and their providers once medical needs have been processed, are pending, or have been rejected. The Sharing Summary will state their member responsibility amount as well as any amounts shared by the Benevolent Fund on the member’s behalf.

Special needs – Medical needs that do not fall within the definition of eligible needs but are not a violation of the member requirements and may be eligible for Additional Giving (ie: a prior medical condition).

Unusual, customary, and reasonable costs (UCR) – The general cost of medical services in a geographic area, as determined by ClearShare, based on what providers in the area usually charge for the same or a similar medical service.

Unsharable amount(s) – A medical expense incurred by a member that is not shareable for one or more of the following reasons: a member’s violation of ClearShare’s Principles of Membership, non-current membership status, or any other condition or requirement that is excluded by the Member Guidelines.