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Access more information about your membership, including your digital Member ID card, through our mobile app – available through HealthWallet. Download The Health Wallet app in the App Store or Google Play store or click below on your phone. Then log in with your Date of Birth and your Social Security Number. If you have dependents on your membership, they can log in to their own Health Wallet accounts using their Date of Birth and Social Security Number.

Accessing Care

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Accidents, ER Visits, or Hospital Services


Advanced or Basic Membership Add-Ons

If you’ve included them in your membership, Advanced and Basic add-on services participate in two nationwide PPO networks. To find a list of providers, go to the PHCS network website.

When selecting a provider, contact the provider’s office to verify that they are still in-network with PHCS and that the provider’s billing NPI# is contracted through the PHCS/Multiplan network.

If you need to find a provider outside of the PHCS Specific Services network, go to the PNOAe network website. Select the “PNOAe (Exclusive) Network” option.

If a provider will not accept your membership ID card for these services, please request an itemized superbill and submit your need at:

ClearShare clearwater doctor

Membership Documents

Advanced Add-On Member Guidelines

For members who selected the Advanced add-on

Basic Add-On Member Guidelines

For members who selected the Basic add-on

Holistic Plan Member Guidelines

For members who selected the Holistic Plan.

Member Guidelines

For members of ClearShare 1000, ClearShare 2500, or ClearShare 5000

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